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Media partners in over 150 countries rely on Project Syndicate to complement their editorial offerings with the most prescient analyses of the changing world around them. Project Syndicate provides exclusive, customized content packages based on their editorial needs. Our wide range of global voices brings partner publications essential international perspectives, a richer reader experience, and increased credibility.

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1 Choose authors and topics

Work with Project Syndicate to create a custom content feed of respected international experts and thematic topics. The diversity of our content ensures that editors will be able to fulfill their editorial needs, no matter how broad or specific.

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Discuss and finalize the terms with a Project Syndicate representative and join our esteemed list of media partners.

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Provide your readers with the world’s most influential ideas and experts. Project Syndicate’s publishing partners use our content to bring in new themes, stimulate debate, boost their publication’s profile, and even secure higher advertising rates.

Our contributors include 50 Nobel laureates and 120 heads of state

Project Syndicate contributors rank among the most influential experts in their fields. Our celebrated contributors include:

  1. Joseph E. Stiglitz
  2. Anne-Marie Slaughter
  3. Joseph S. Nye, Jr.
  4. Mariana Mazzucato
  5. Jeffrey D. Sachs
  6. Dambisa Moyo
  7. Ricardo Hausmann
  8. Nina L. Khrushcheva
  9. Laura Tyson
  10. Raghuram G. Rajan
  11. Nouriel Roubini
  12. Carmen M. Reinhart


Project Syndicate provides each publisher with a wide range of usage options to best suit their editorial workflow and needs, including thematic content feeds and exclusive author subscriptions.

Project Syndicate also offers co-branded collaborations for print and online publications and a wide range of additional editorial content including videos, podcasts, long-form analysis, interviews, magazines, and book reviews.

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  1. International Economics

  2. Finance

  3. Growth and Development

  4. Politics and World Affairs

  5. Sustainable Development

  6. Ideas and Culture

    • Innovation
    • Health and medicine
    • Education
    • Science
    • Press Freedom and Media


Project Syndicate currently translates from English into 15 languages, enabling publication around the world.

Translated languages include Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Indonesian, Kazakh, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

How we built this

Publishers in the 21st century face a myriad of challenges, from the loss of advertising dollars, to the demands of the 24-hour news cycle, and competition with new media platforms for readers. Project Syndicate is no different, and, in an effort to create an open dialogue among publishers, How We Built This will provide an inside look into how we are tackling these challenges.

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Project Syndicate commentaries are used by over 500 of our media partners in more than 150 countries worldwide.

At a time when understanding global politics and economics is more important than ever, Project Syndicate stands out. While so many media outlets have become more insular, Project Syndicate features leading thinkers, business people, activists, politicians and policymakers from every part of the world – often setting the agenda for other news organizations in the process. For concise, accessible, and trenchant insights into the key issues shaping our future, there simply is nothing else like it.

Joseph E. Stiglitz

Nobel laureate in Economics, 2001

[Project Syndicate is] not just well intentioned. It’s really, really good... Like Tribune Media Services or the Creators Syndicate Group, it syndicates columnists. But within that, it has a sort of unique model: It syndicates experts. Rather than Mark Shields and Froma Harrop, it’s got Brad DeLong and Nouriel Roubini and Joschka Fischer. And it adds new experts on topics relevant to the issues of the day...Best of all, you can read it online. For free. It’s likethe world’s smartest op-ed page.

Ezra Klein


In a country like Ethiopia, where the media environment simply doesn’t allow the emergence of independent thinkers and opinion-makers, providing independent, authoritative, and professional journalism poses great challenges – and dangers – to those involved. When authoritative writers are available, they usually choose not to be involved with independent media. This is why our partnership with Project Syndicate is indispensable

Tsedale Lemma

Editor in Chief, Addis Standard, Ethiopia

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